The Ballerinas Why Not?! project was born to break taboos regarding what it is to be a ballerina. To the dance studio we want to bring back alumnae who abandoned ballet at some point in life, and those who have never dared taking it up for considering themselves “too old” to make a childhood dream come true.

We propose practicing dance as a liberating experience, as a means of personal fulfilment, leading to improved self-esteem and physical and mental health. Our concern lies in the precision of movement and respect for the body as an instrument.

We do not intend to become professionals, but to show that it is possible to learn to dance despite the limits imposed by age.

The social aspects are also very important to us. We want to grow, together, inside and outside the studio, in an atmosphere of harmony. Here, every achievement is cause for celebration and mutual help is always encouraged.

In August 2015, in Brasilia, we founded the Dance Group Ballerinas Why Not?!, composed of non-professional adult dancers, who organizes smaller shows aimed at hospitals, schools, festivals, etcetera. We are ordinary women, united by a common passion: ballet.

After three years of partnership with the Escola Casa Parque, at 308 Asa Sul, the project in March of 2019 evolved into a Dance Studio, occupying brand new facilities at 503 Asa Sul - our current home.

We make use of the Vaganova method, created by Russian ballerina Agrippina Vaganova. The foundations of this method, which unites the French and Italian techniques, were codified in 1934 and published in the book "Basic Principles of Classical Ballet".

We would be proud to have you with us!


Cláudia Bengtson

Founder and executive director

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Cláudia moved to Brasilia in 1979 together with her parents. She has been working as a journalist since 1990, holding a postgraduate degree in Political Science. In parallel, she has worked in the preparation and dissemination of cultural projects in Brasilia. Though she in her youth participated in amateur theatre groups, did jazz and folk dance, her first experience with ballet only happened at the age of 30. Cláudia has been a student of Adriana Palowa since 2008 and is a member of the Dance Group Ballerinas Why Not?!.

Adriana Palowa

Teacher, choreographer and artistic director

Adriana is a professional ballet dancer from Brasilia, and has teached ballet since 1991. She is a graduate of the Norma Lilia Classical Dance Academy of Brasilia, and has done specialisation courses in classical ballet and jazz dance in New York. An intern at the School of American Ballet (S.A.B/NY), she was also a member of the Dance Company Troupe 108, touring several Brazilian and North American cities. Adriana has danced alongside renowned dancers such as the Cuban Fernando Bujones and Brazilians Ana Botafogo, Helio Bejani and Norma Pinna. She has participated as a soloist and special dancer in various well-known pieces like The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Don Quixote, Paquita, Giselle, Le Corsaire, La Bayadère, among others. Currently a professor at the Juliana Castro Dance Institute, Adriana is responsible for the artistic and technical aspects of the Ballerinas Why not?! project.

Camilla Cavalcante


Camilla Cavalcante

A graduate from the Royal Academia de Dança of Brasilia, Camila began to dance ballet at age 11 and quickly developed. In 2005 he received an award at the SESC Dance Championship and in 2010 began teaching classes of ballet and jazz at the Royal Academia de Dança, where she remained for three years. In 2011 she partnered up with dancer André Silva of the Texas Ballet and in 2013, she integrated the dance group Dançarte. Currently, she teaches ballet to students of different age groups, and also to students with special needs.


Francisco Bento Jr.

A tenor born in Teresina, state of Piaui, Francisco took up piano studies with teachers Maria Rosalina Carvalho and Neusa França, before studying singing with teachers Carlos Belbey, Francisco Frias and Niza de Castro Tank. A member of the Madrigal de Brasília, he has also worked as resident teacher at Providence Rhode Island (USA), where he directed the musicals Guys and Dolls and Charlotte's Web. In addition to oratorios, cantatas and classical pieces, his repertoire includes operas such as Don Giovanni, Fosca, O Guarani, Carmen, La Traviata, Alzira, among others. He has participated as a soloist in three editions of the Brasilia Opera Festival, under direction of maestro Cláudio Cohen, receiving guidance by maestro Deivyson Miranda.



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